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Why This Can Opener-Can Open

Are You Losing Proposals You Should Have Won

Have you found commercial can openers do not meet your needs? Then you must try the new Acme Pro Electric Can Opener.

Main features and benefits:-

• It has a re-chargeable built in battery, so there will be no trailing lead or replacing batteries. Just keep its battery topped up..
• It is a small size compared to competing brands. It takes up less space than other brands, which is important where work surface free space is at a premium. It has been made just as powerful as competing units to benefit usage.
• The cutting blade has a special mechanism that dulls the metal as it opens the can. There are no dangerous sharp edges left on the can that can cause severe cuts and prevent a hospital visit. Safety is paramount here.
• This opener is of a rugged design and will withstand a 5 foot fall onto a hard surface, unlike competing brands.
• It can open large cans, an essential feature to commercial kitchens.
• Made of sanitary stainless steel for hygiene and cleanliness.

With all these features and benefits you need look no further for an efficient commercial can opener. Give it a try now. (link)

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