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Turn Your TV Into A Body Fat Burner In Fifteen Minutes
Dear Jim
Can you imagine how it would make you feel to start your day energised and stay motivated throughout the day?
What if you took a fifteen minute break that could make you feel really great?
Yet all this and more can be had by turning on your TV for fifteen minutes each day.
Just by putting your DVD into your player choosing your fifteen minute workout and away you go.
Here you have not one but two personal trainers helping you become fit and feeling great all in the comfort of your home.
These workouts have been designed to give your body the maximum benefit in a minimum of time.
No taking hours off to go to your local gym saving a lot of time and expense and at the end of it all feeling frustrated.
This DVD, titled “15 Minutes of Power Packed Fitness” is power packed with exercises targeting your muscles and toning your abs and giving you that totally alert and attention getting feeling in record time.
This explosive DVD has been created by Ab Art Productions, founded by Mark Prentiss and Toni Chambers who both feature in this and have a long history of creating dynamic workouts.
You can choose from a Cardio workout through to a Core workout, each taking only fifteen minutes.
There are four workouts titled Cardio, Legs Arms and Core to be finished by a Stretch and Chill Out.
Each of these workouts has a duration of 15 Minutes and can be tackled in any order and any quantity at one sitting.
It is suggested that you build up your exercise ratio in a gentle fashion to begin with, as they may only be relatively short, but each one is quite intense.
The Cardio workout is really a must, since it works your heart and your upper and lower body, using arm and leg movement, working all those body muscles and waking you up to face your day.
The Legs workout really concentrates on leg muscles and in turn will work your abdominal muscles (abs) and lower body mass.
The Arms workout may suggest that it just gives your arms a workout and the upper body, but it also includes some leg exercises that affect the toning of the upper body and the abdominal muscles.
For this workout, hand weights are required and as you become more experienced, it will prove beneficial to take up heavier weights to really work the muscles, particularly abdominals.
The Core workout includes both arm and leg exercises, some mat exercise and push ups, including one arm support from floor level and balance exercise.
Finally, the Stretch and Chill Out routine will appear to be similar to another workout, but in fact is essential to stop your muscles from knotting up and to stabilise your heartbeat and prepare your body for a relaxing, enjoyable day.
In each exercise one instructor will show you the complete version and the other instructor the simpler version. This has proved essential for those who have found the complete version too challenging.
As you progress through your program, your sense of balance will become greatly enhanced.
These professional instructors show you how to do each exercise step by step and you will find your body appreciating the workout.
You will certainly feel more healthy and alive and really alert.
At the end of your program there will be a Stretch and Chill Out to relax the body and muscles for the following day.
Unlike many more expensive DVD workout programs that spend a long time on certain exercises that are only marginally beneficial to your daily health and concentrate far too much on the “perfect abs”, you are receiving a dynamic workout that targets all those critical areas that make you look and feel fantastic.
Here are just a few comments sent in by enthusiastic buyers of this DVD:-
“I needed an exercise program that fitted in with my busy working schedule that really produced the goods in a short a time as possible.
This DVD has done that and more.” JD
“Best purchase I’ve made in years. I was worried that the bulges round my middle would show through my clothes. I had been regularly to the gym in the evenings and no real change to my waistline.
I still can not believe how great and really fit I feel in just a few weeks by working alongside Mark and Toni and I now need a belt to hold my pants up. Thanks guys.” AMB
“15 Minutes of Power Packed Fitness” has all you’ll need to boost your energy levels and make you leave the house with a smile on your face. It’s a steal at under 10 bucks and it delivers every time. What else do you know that can do that? Sez
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When you think of the alternative of wasting your valuable time driving in your car to the gym and then staying there for a minimum of an hour and then having to drive all the way home again it’s a no brainer.
All that effort and little to show for it and this will have to be repeated more than once a week to show any improvement.
You’ll not only feel fantastic you’ll look it as well. Fight that flab.
However with this one DVD you receive:-
o A Cardio Workout o A Core Exercise Workout o Separate Workouts for Arms and Legs o You Choose Where and When You View It o Low Cost Including Shipment o No Quibble Guarantee
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